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What is secure exchange?

al-ver What is secure e-commerce (GeT)?

With Secure e-Trade (GeT) system, your money is safe and you don't take risks. The seller has to enter a traceable transport document into the system within the specified delivery time. After you receive the product, if you review and approve the product, your payment will be transferred from the Secure e-Trade (GeT) pool account to the seller's account. If you receive a product other than the qualifications specified by the seller, you can send the product back and cancel the transaction and get your payment back from the Secure e-Trade (GeT) pool account. Transactions are automatically approved if you exceed your approval period for transactions with transport information. For this reason, you must follow your transactions and approval period and perform the approval or rejection process within the relevant period.

Why should I use Secure Exchange?

With Al-ver.com Secure e-Trade (GeT) system, your money is secure in your purchase or sale transactions. With al-ver.com, you can track the status and follow-up of the product you purchased with al-ver.com, when you receive it, you can examine the product in question and return it if it does not meet the specifications you want, and get your money back.

Since the seller is not paid without receiving and confirming the product, you will not run the risk of not getting your money back.

In case of no return after delivering your products to the logistics stage, your money will be deposited into your account after the shipment reaches the buyer, and you do not take any risk.

All your rights specified in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts are reserved in the secure purchase and exchange transactions you make, and you can use these rights against the Seller with the notifications you make to the Seller.

In GeT transactions, in addition to these rights, you can also use your rights defined within the scope of GeT with the notifications you make over the system.


You can make your payment with your credit card or bank transfer. You can follow the payment you have made from the information mail sent to your e-mail address that you specified during the membership process.

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